In the past, I’ve thought about moving a web app that I run to Amazon AWS, so that it runs in the “cloud”. I haven’t been very tempted, though. I think it will cost more than what I’m paying to my current, managed web hosting service. I also think it will be more of a pain to deal with AWS. My hosting services manages pretty much everything: email, SSL certificates, domain name registration, etc. The cost is only about $100/year.

Despite these misgivings, I decided to try migrating my application, just to see how much work it would be. I also thought it would be a fun experiment, and that I’d get a feel for running a service in the cloud.

The post is rather lengthy, so I set up an entirely separate web page about how I did it. If you are interested in AWS, and maybe were thinking of doing something similar, read about how I migrated my web app here.

Although I did get my web app to run successfully on AWS, I don’t think I’ll move it there. I’m very happy with my current web hosting service.