This blog was migrated to Hugo yesterday. Previously, it used WordPress.

WordPress is “okay”, but I’ve never liked the choice of templates that were available. Also, I didn’t like how WordPress didn’t consume all my markdown well.

What am I losing? WordPress has a web interface for creating posts, but I don’t mind losing that, because I prefer writing in my text editor.

I’m also losing a comment system. But I had already removed that. Most of the site comments were spam, anyway. You can always email me if you have a comment.

Finally, WordPress made it easy to schedule posts. Hugo does not; it’s really up to me to build a system that will do that automatically.

To get around this, I tried out the publishdate metadata variable in my markdown file. I set it to a future date, and ran hugo (hugo -D). As expected, the new post did not get built. This mostly solved the scheduling problem. The remaining problem was scheduling my blog to rsync on a regular basis from my home computer using rsync That’s now fixed, so we’re back in business.