The WHOOP is a “quantitative self” device that I started using in 2023. It comes with an app that lets you look for correlations between your recovery, sleep, and behaviors. To do this, every day you must enter your information into a “journal”. You can customize your journal to include a variety of factors, from familiar things like caffeine consumption, to oddities like using mouth tape while sleeping! I started out with just a few items in the journal, but recently I’ve added a lot more to see if I can figure out what factors might be related to my recovery score.

This morning, I noticed a little bug in the journal feature. I uploaded a screen recording to YouTube that shows the details.

Here’s the bug description. I had started to edit my journal for the previous day. I had changed caffeine servings from 1 to 2. Then I switched out to another app to check something else. When I switched back to WHOOP, the number of caffeine servings reset! I have a pretty good idea what happened, but I’ll leave it to the reader as an exercise 😊.

This bug wasn’t a huge problem for me this morning. But I would have been more annoyed if I’d changed many journal entries and then lost my data…. “whoops!” 😉